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F.M. Alexander

Frederick Mathias Alexander developed his technique in the 1890’s to overcome a voice problem.

As a reciter and actor, he was losing his voice when performing. After consulting several Doctors who could not find a specific cause he decided that his hoarseness must be the result of something that he was doing himself.

He found, after a considerable time observing himself in mirrors, that he

was pulling his head back and down and depressing his larynx when speaking.

This, he went on to discover was part of a larger pattern of tension involving his whole body that was interfering with his voice.

Even more extraordinary was the observation that just the thought of reciting activated this unhelpful reaction and that this pattern was present during his normal speech, although to a much lesser extent.

After a few years he devised a way to change this habitual reaction, which eventually improved his voice and, more surprisingly, his overall general health.

He then went on to teach others his technique in Australia and Doctors began referring patients to

him. He came to London in 1904 and established a thriving practice and wrote 4 books about his discoveries.

He started training teachers in the 1930’s and continued until his death in 1955.

The training schools continue and exist in many countries around the world.

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