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I feel I must put down in words how I feel after Alexander lessons with you. I have a sense of wholeness, as if my self has re-joined my person and I am more content. I definitely move in a more measured and relaxed way and honestly feel that I can rely on my body to move without constraints of how I feel I should be moving (too much Pilates to a certain extent!) 
I certainly feel more joined up and haven't had any lower back pain from sitting playing the piano for long periods. 
Even my arthritis seems to not be so bothersome! 
I enjoy our philosophical ideas sharing and learning how to be aware of where I am in space

FIONA, 2019


I have really enjoyed Alexander Sessions with Jane. Like many activities at the moment, all our lessons have been online and Jane has adapted her method of teaching really well to this. Her calm manner and clear explanations have helped me to apply the technique to everyday life. Every session makes me feel that bit more in control of my mind and body and leaves me calm and refreshed. She has also gone the extra mile and made me several audio recordings so that I can practise the technique alone with ease too. I certainly feel a lot taller now! This is particularly apparent when I am preparing meals in the kitchen as the surfaces seem really far away when I am chopping the vegetables. I take this as a good sign.

Thank you Jane!

I felt that the session built on some of the same things I have come across in yoga, particularly in terms of connecting with the body and a sense of self.


It reinforced my understanding that we are in a fast paced world and

owe it to ourselves to consider our wellbeing more. I would love to build this time into my routine, but think I would need more sessions to be able to understand how best to do this.


I felt very safe in your hands and that you were confident in what you were doing, which was reassuring. 


I would like to understand how the technique could be incorporated into my routine better.

MARY, 2021

After an Alexander session with Jane I walk out with a spring in my step.


It’s hard to explain, I just feel renewed and any stiffness I might have had has gone.


I would highly recommend Jane’s teaching.


Jane is an inspirational teacher of the Alexander Technique.

 As a young musician just starting out, I started learning the technique 40 years ago and carried the idea of the technique but not the actual philosophy of it with me until two years ago when I started having lessons with Jane.


It has been an incredible time of great excitement for me as her inspirational and gentle teaching has literally changed my view on life.

 It’s meditative approach helped to make me feel grounded in myself whilst the world seemed to be in turmoil. During the last year, her emergency lessons on zoom and pre-recorded floor time has given me time to think and take time out to readjust.


With zoom there has been lots of fun, intriguing ideas to play with and technique which I can apply any time. It works well to chat at the beginning and end of each lesson and Jane makes me feel that whatever I say is of interest to her. There is no right or wrong.

I have had lessons at the piano, seated, standing and on the floor which is the great advantage of zoom!

Thank you Jane!

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